moMEANTum is about seizing the moments that inform who you are MEANT to be and with that comes discovering and creating yourself, but it all starts with the basic understanding of what it means to be human. A good, genuine human. We have compiled some of our favorite resources to help guide and inspire you to stand up for what you believe in and do it in a way that is bettering, not only yourself, but the world that we all live in. We stand up for the basic rights of everyone and want this to be a place where you can come with open minds and open hearts in order to truly discover who you are MEANT to be. 

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"All the Mental Health resources you might need during    COVID-19."

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"A community for open-minded people who want to make an impact." 

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So You Want To Talk About It

"Dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form!"

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Dancers Alliance

"Our mission is to be the unified voice of the national dance community and improve the careers of professional dancers through education and solidarity.  We advocate for equitable rates and working conditions for non-union workers and represent the dance community on union boards and committees."

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Anti-Racism Daily

"A daily blog to keep people accountable towards being anti-racist and continuing to take action."

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The Dance Safe

"Education > Accountability > Prevention; Advocating for survivors of abuse. Dance commUNITY. We are listening."

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We The Urban

"Celebrating inclusivity, self-love, and marginalized voices."

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Since 2011, Soulection has been a cornerstone of creativity for innovative musicians, crate-digging DJs, and open-minded fans from across the world. What began as an independent radio show has since blossomed into a global community of artists and audiences, united in a borderless, genre-bending, musical movement.

Including all of the resources above, there are so many organizations that mean so much to us. We felt guided to provide assistance to these beautiful foundations to continue building a more intimate and inclusive world that isn't afraid of standing up for change. To show our support, a portion of our donations will be put towards the organization we highlight on our Instagram each month.


moMEANTum appreciates any generosity to keep this community alive and thriving!