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moMEANTum: moments turn into moMEANTum that are MEANT to be

This is our mission, better yet, our duty to this life to become better humans. We want to build a community of like-minded individuals who want to band together, create opportunities and a constant drive for better from one another’s form of art. One of the biggest reasons for creating this was the difficulty of coping with mental illness as an artist. In this day and age, it’s beginning to be easier for artists to accept and admit their anxiety or depression, but has everyone found ways to help combat their own struggle spots??? Sometimes we don’t realize that we could be the one thing standing in the way of our own success. Within _moMEANTum_, we will find different tactics, new ways of creating, explore other types of art and discover what is the clearest way to express your MEANT.

We all have the power to capture our moment.

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Welcome to moMEANTum. Founder, Cassidy Ratliff had a choice when given the first watering to her seed to either become paralyzed by fear or see its full potential. In the beginning, like most leaders who doubt the power of their own voice, Cassidy gave herself the responsibility to prioritize her own personal development within her spirituality, career goals, and mental health in order to strive to be the best version of herself. This allowed her seed to sprout informing more about her gifts and what God placed her on this planet to fulfill. The concept of "if it's bigger than myself, than I must form a village," mindset definitely came into play next. The more and more her passion plant began to grow the more the collective of moMEANTum was established. She has developed a universal platform where all artists can come and grow together. Due to our daily dose of life, we need a way of coping and she believes there is more than one way of expressing per person. She says, "I want to create a space for artists to unload, recharge, and react. I want artists to utilize one another to lean on while keeping each other accountable and pushing for greater." moMEANTum is truly a sneak peek into her heart. She believes that everyone has the capacity to function at a higher frequency and that everyone was put on this earth for a reason. moMEANTum is a movement motivated by artists who aim to explore new ideas and fuel an active mindset made to step into their MEANT.

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